Thursday, May 6, 2010

"We never know the love of the parent; until we become parents ourselves" ~ Henry Ward Beecher

I've read and heard a lot of things that are really down on Mothers Day - and wanted to add my 25 cents to this...

I'm in the same camp that thinks dedicating ONE day to us Mom's - or special women in our lives - is really kind of funny... kind of like Valentines Day - Brent doesn't need ONE day to tell me he loves me - he does it all the time (no, I'm not trying to score Starbucks points... then again, the Credit Card bill hasn't come in from my girls scrapbook weekend away!...) BUT what I do think about dedicating ONE day to us Moms, Dads - groundhogs and turkey's - is that it's as good a reason as any to get together with those we love and respect - and tell them so. It's the gesture that counts... you know, the 'little things' that matter most.

There was a time in my life that I didn't think I would have the opportunity to celebrate Mothers Day - as a Mom - and now I have 3 beautiful little faces that think I am the bees' knees - something that I wouldn't change for anything. I think I'm a pretty good Mom - and I am because of My better than pretty good Mom. Unconditional love - this is what she has given to me... for that I will be eternally grateful. xo

So while we don't necessarily need the card companies to tell us that this coming Sunday is THE day to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives - look beyond that and appreciate that we are 'given' this day for another get together! I know that I am looking forward to MY day - which includes dinner with my Mom, Aunt and Sister - and the boys in our lives too!

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