Tuesday, October 12, 2010

how you say it is as important as what you are saying...

There has been a lot of talk this past week (and most concentrated this past weekend..) surrounding the upcoming 'ShesConnected' Conference - it is touted as:

Connecting brands and digital women: ShesConnected is holding a full day, hands-on conference and workshop to connect top brands with Canada’s most influential and powerful digital women.

I have the privilege of saying that I have been invited to attend. I had to apply - along of hundreds of others - and was one of only 100 women selected. Yes, only 100 spots were available. Hundreds of women vying for a spot - yes, as you can imagine - that is a recipe for disaster. Women at the best of times are not always the most... hmmm... I'm not going to say it - you get where this is going!

What I am terribly disappointed in *and for transparency I have included that I was invited to attend the She's Connected and BlissdomCanada Conferences* is how the very same women who outright dissed @Sheisconnected saying such things as 'not wanting to have companies 'pimp' their brands to them' - then jumped on the 'I want/need/have to go' bandwagon: as soon as the SWAG was announced... Some of them did end up getting an invite - while others (with more than 2 followers and yes, based on that alone are 'more connected') did not. That is a disappointment. Yes, everyone loves (and deserves!) 'free' stuff - especially really cool free stuff. I would be a liar if I said I didn't.

With all the attention surrounding bullying kids, this is what we see...a group of grown women - acting like children...it is shameful! I’ve been given the honour of attending this conference - and able to say that I am a ‘connected woman of influence‘; yet If one of my clients read something I have said that, by all accounts, appeared to make fun of, talk down to, or bullied another woman - well I would not have any clients left.

At the end of the day - this (or any!) is their event - and they can invite whomever they choose. I know I do - and no, sometimes I don't spell out my reasons; it's my event. Sometimes regardless of how hard you try - you just cannot please everyone. The same goes for being included in or invited to events. Who doesn't love getting an invite - there have been many I've have the privilege of attending, and just as many that I've had to decline - and equally just not been invited. Yes it stinks - but I don't however make the ones that are going (or are not, which is key here...) feel bad.


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