Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Christmas (or Holiday..) Card List' .....

Christmas (or Holiday..yeah I am being PC here..) Card list ... or what I like to refer to as the Popularity contest!! This is two-fold as know - if you receive a lot of cards then you MUST be popular right?! And if you send a lot - well then that makes you the Uber popular person too - I mean really, you have so many people on your list that everyone is rushing to their mailbox in anticipation of seeing YOUR card in there ... well that is what I like to think when it's my card in their box!

I love cards .. love getting them, sending them, designing and making them! So everyone - yes, all of you - in turn must LOVE getting them from me too right? RIGHT??!!

Ahhh, the popularity contest.... really - does quantity matter? Do you jump up and down when you open the card from your 'friend' you haven't heard from since..well last Christmas - and they live 10mins (or even 30mins for that matter) away? .. or the person who you know only contacts you when they are 1) trying to get information (that would be they are NOSEY..) or 2) pumping their ego because they have so many people on their card list that are waiting in anticipation to hear all about their wonderful lives .... no you probably don't .. but it's a nice gesture right? .. sure... we will go with that.

I've come to realise a lot of things in the last few years .... egawd!! now I'm sounding like I should be writing this from my retirement home (and not the one in Cabo that Brent and I will have!!) - but yes, I am getting wise in my (getting older) age.... what matters, or more importantly - what (who...) doesn't. Real friends, important family even great acquaintances. Life is busy - really, truly, honest to goodness BUSY - for all of us - and I for one can appreciate that - so these gestures are really great ... but what I suppose I am (trying) to say is that - sometimes a little effort in between (and I too should listen to my own advice..remember the procrastination post below?? yeah - I've got so many 'good intentions...') goes a long way... that way when after I open my popularity cards this season and say 'aww that was nice' - then deposit into Abby's craft box (hey don't be offended - it's a nice box!) well you won't be - offended..... because chances are those ones that make it to her box are because it really has been that long since we've heard from you.. and I'm not sorry to say that there isn't room on the same table for all the other ones (and there are a lot!) from the who(s) and what(s) that matter.

It's not too late for you to change what people do with your popularity cards next year - so when you are sending them out this year - follow through on your 'nice gesture' and pretty words you write .... it's not quantity - but quality. And because no post would be good without a plug - if you're looking for some cards to send out - give me a shout, I can create some beautiful ones for you - ones that even if they deserve to be put in the craft box - won't - why? because they are that nice!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Oh yeah.. I am all too familiar with that word - Although I know I shouldn't be bragging about it!! So many things to do - yet I am quite content to sit here, sipping my latte, doing the square root of Zero (that would be nothing for those of you who are as mathematically challenged as I am...) and say - quite confidently too I might add - 'oh yes, tomorrow I will do that' ....

Projects around the house, for clients, things with the kids - all of them seem to be taking the back burner lately - to what? well me being lazy is at the top of the list. I received a call last week from UFMA .. you will recall who they are right? The kick my you-know-what place? yeah them .. seems it's been quite some time since I've been there too .. and the reason? (yes I was sick and yes Brent was away - In October!!) I've been lazy... yeah - that was pretty embarrassing giving that excuse..I was so caught of guard that they actually CALLED me to find out what was up - that even I couldn't think of something better then 'yeah, no excuse, just to lazy to walk the whole block to the class....even if it IS a big long block......'

Nothing like a dose of reality to snap me back into attention...that and realising time IS going by too fast.... Mid-November already?? Come on! I'm still wearing my flip flops and longing for Summer......

So what have you been procrastinating about? Well get to it will you - time is running out!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Giving Back...

Happy Wednesday!

Why Happy? Well that means this week is almost over - and I could not be happier...oh yeah, it's been 'one of those' weeks...Brent has been away for work and with the impeccable timing they seem to have - Ashlan was sick throughout the night on Monday. That meant I was up at 1:22am (yes, I did check the time...) and got a whole whopping 2 hours sleep that night ... but who's complaining right??!! So Happy Wednesday - Brent will be home tonight and I've got my fingers crossed that Ashlan is on the road to recovery....I heading away for a few days and want to be able to go with a clear conscious (Nana and Papa are watching them for us.....)

To add to my already rotten week; I received the news that the house I wanted (that already had a conditional offer) on would not firm up - did. Apparently Brent decided he didn't want that house this news was in fact 'okay' ... no comment. But I got to thinking about all that IS good in my life - and this week .. hey, why not focus on the positive, I can't change what HAS happened, but I can influence (well strongly suggest?) what is to be.....

In the spirit of giving back I'd like to put the spotlight on a few local people / groups that I believe are Worthy of exposure.

"The Meaning of Home" Contest
(Perfect timing no?!!) I've copied the body of an email that I received earlier this week - and I encourage ALL of you to spread the word about this fantastic Contest:

When asked, "what is the meaning of home?" everyone has a different answer. "Home" inspires a broad array of memories, emotions, thought and imaginations. As adults, we sometimes simplify the meaning of home to ‘where we live’. But ask a child what the meaning of home is, and the answer will amaze you.

On that note, I want to let you know about an inspiring contest being held by Genworth Financial Canada and Habitat for Humanity Canada. Between October 5th and November 13th, they’ll be asking Canadian students in grades 4, 5 and 6 what ‘home’ means to them.
As an influential blogger we need your help in sharing The Meaning of Home Contest with your readers and their families.

Here’s an overview of how the contest will take place. Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 can submit their choice of written composition, essay or poem describing what ‘home’ means to them. There will be a First Place Winner and five Runner Ups.

The First Place winner will:
* Take part in the ultimate gift - a new Habitat home for a deserving family. Genworth will donate $60,000 towards the building of a new Habitat home in a community of the winner's choice*.

* Receive a high-performance Dell laptop with 80 GB hard drive, 3 GB RAM and an extended warranty, loaded with Microsoft Office.

*The winner will select from a list of eligible locations.

The Five Runner Ups will each:
* Help a family to get a home of their own. Genworth will donate $5,000 to a Habitat affiliate of the winner's choice - which will support the building of a new home in that community.

* Receive a $100 gift certificate to Chapters Indigo.

You can find the Meaning of Home Contest in the following places:



And what do you need to help make your home personal? ART! I'd like to introduce all of you to a very talented, local artist - and share with you the upcoming events that Gordon will be part of over the next few months:

The Jordan Art Gallery, an artist collective located in the picturesque Niagara village of Jordan, will be the locale for his next exhibition. Entitled "Citified", he will be exploring his usual motif through the use of pastel and paper. Opening reception is on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009 from 2 - 4pm and will run until the end of the month. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Gordon has been invited to take part in the Art Gallery of Hamilton's annual Autumn Sale from Nov. 5 - 8, 2009. Held in the beautiful Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Atrium Gallery, this sale features a wide assortment of great local art as well as free admission to the gallery. If you would like to attend the opening preview party on Wednesday, Nov. 4 (6 - 9pm), RSVP GORDON at the contact below.

His super juicy Holiday Open House is coming up again and this year he has added an extra day. Drop by his house on Sat. OR Sun., Dec. 5 and 6, 2009 for wine, munchies, music and other festive activities. Located at 114 Stanley Ave., Hamilton, ON (near Locke St.)

The deadline looms for The Little Art Show, an annual benefit for the Artists Network in Toronto. The Artists Network is a resource centre/gallery run by artist-members through fees and donations. This year’s event will be at Mercedes-Benz Downtown, 761 Dundas St. E., Toronto on Sat., Nov. 14 at 7:30pm. Many dozens of works will be available for sale - bidding starts at $80 – and Gordon has selected an acrylic piece to donate to the cause. Special guest emcee this year is Canadian Idol judge Jake Gold!

Finally, Gordon is happy to announce his involvement with a new gallery, Venus Gallery – 15221 Yonge St. in Aurora, Ontario. He is particularly happy with the roster of artists, including John Ovcacik, Laurie Skantzos, Nava Waxman and Chris Hayes. Go to the grand opening on Thurs., Nov. 5 at 7pm!

So while I am disappointed I won't be hosting Waborita and pool parties in our new house and pool this summer .. hmm perhaps I can convince the people that DID firm up to do it instead?! .. I am grateful for what I do already have - and encourage all of you to spread the word and support both of these Worthy initiatives. Good things come to those who bring me a Starbucks.. err .. those who wait and those who give without asking for anything in return.

Happy Wednesday!