Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are now on Etsy and Twitter!

It makes one wonder how we got by with just the phonebook and flyers!!

I went to my first Aero Kickboxing class last night :: check out, Dundurn St. location and stop by for a class that Mr. Gord Waddell is teaching - you will not be disappointed!!! As a complete novice to kickboxing, to say I was nervous about my first class would be an understatement.. I was SCARED! I am grateful to my friend Heidi (Gord's beautiful wife) who went with me this first time - and for Gord who literally kicked my you know what - all with a smile - reassuring me and reminding me to 'go at my own pace' .. fortunately I do have some pride, so sitting and watching (my own pace..) is not what I did - and I had the best workout I have EVER had (and no this wasn't my first ever attempt at exercise!!)

I love our neighourbood - and all it has to offer; located across from Zarky's on Dundurn and a block away from trendy Locke Street - you know, where my office should be >> at the Starbucks!

I'm going to take tonight off from my new workout regime - and get to work on some cards that you will want to get your hands on - nothing better then receiving (and sending) a beautiful card in the mail - and I plan to send one to congratulate Gord on his brand-new location; You should too!


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