Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Oh yeah.. I am all too familiar with that word - Although I know I shouldn't be bragging about it!! So many things to do - yet I am quite content to sit here, sipping my latte, doing the square root of Zero (that would be nothing for those of you who are as mathematically challenged as I am...) and say - quite confidently too I might add - 'oh yes, tomorrow I will do that' ....

Projects around the house, for clients, things with the kids - all of them seem to be taking the back burner lately - to what? well me being lazy is at the top of the list. I received a call last week from UFMA .. you will recall who they are right? The kick my you-know-what place? yeah them .. seems it's been quite some time since I've been there too .. and the reason? (yes I was sick and yes Brent was away - In October!!) I've been lazy... yeah - that was pretty embarrassing giving that excuse..I was so caught of guard that they actually CALLED me to find out what was up - that even I couldn't think of something better then 'yeah, no excuse, just to lazy to walk the whole block to the class....even if it IS a big long block......'

Nothing like a dose of reality to snap me back into attention...that and realising time IS going by too fast.... Mid-November already?? Come on! I'm still wearing my flip flops and longing for Summer......

So what have you been procrastinating about? Well get to it will you - time is running out!


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  1. That pretty much describes me to a T right now! I'm procrastinating with my house...which is begging to be tidied up, and now you have inspired me to do so! Thanks! :-)