Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Christmas (or Holiday..) Card List' .....

Christmas (or Holiday..yeah I am being PC here..) Card list ... or what I like to refer to as the Popularity contest!! This is two-fold as know - if you receive a lot of cards then you MUST be popular right?! And if you send a lot - well then that makes you the Uber popular person too - I mean really, you have so many people on your list that everyone is rushing to their mailbox in anticipation of seeing YOUR card in there ... well that is what I like to think when it's my card in their box!

I love cards .. love getting them, sending them, designing and making them! So everyone - yes, all of you - in turn must LOVE getting them from me too right? RIGHT??!!

Ahhh, the popularity contest.... really - does quantity matter? Do you jump up and down when you open the card from your 'friend' you haven't heard from since..well last Christmas - and they live 10mins (or even 30mins for that matter) away? .. or the person who you know only contacts you when they are 1) trying to get information (that would be they are NOSEY..) or 2) pumping their ego because they have so many people on their card list that are waiting in anticipation to hear all about their wonderful lives .... no you probably don't .. but it's a nice gesture right? .. sure... we will go with that.

I've come to realise a lot of things in the last few years .... egawd!! now I'm sounding like I should be writing this from my retirement home (and not the one in Cabo that Brent and I will have!!) - but yes, I am getting wise in my (getting older) age.... what matters, or more importantly - what (who...) doesn't. Real friends, important family even great acquaintances. Life is busy - really, truly, honest to goodness BUSY - for all of us - and I for one can appreciate that - so these gestures are really great ... but what I suppose I am (trying) to say is that - sometimes a little effort in between (and I too should listen to my own advice..remember the procrastination post below?? yeah - I've got so many 'good intentions...') goes a long way... that way when after I open my popularity cards this season and say 'aww that was nice' - then deposit into Abby's craft box (hey don't be offended - it's a nice box!) well you won't be - offended..... because chances are those ones that make it to her box are because it really has been that long since we've heard from you.. and I'm not sorry to say that there isn't room on the same table for all the other ones (and there are a lot!) from the who(s) and what(s) that matter.

It's not too late for you to change what people do with your popularity cards next year - so when you are sending them out this year - follow through on your 'nice gesture' and pretty words you write .... it's not quantity - but quality. And because no post would be good without a plug - if you're looking for some cards to send out - give me a shout, I can create some beautiful ones for you - ones that even if they deserve to be put in the craft box - won't - why? because they are that nice!!

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