Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Customer Service...

No joke - 'Great Customer Service' - or Good Business Practice.... yes, it does still exist! Albeit scarce and often non-existent, I want to spread the word about a few businesses that truly know what this is all about - and could give some pointers to many others out there...

You are all aware of my love affair with Starbucks....and sad to say I really haven't been there that much lately - tragic, I know... So to find out that ** I ** was the lucky recipient of a $25 Starbucks gift card (yeay - that's a whole month's 'budget' for me!!) all because I spread the word about a business (group of very talented people) that I am truly happy and perhaps secretly (not any longer!) envious of - that are doing what they love - Kitestring Creative Marketing + Design ... I was very excited. They have this cool contest going on "What was I thinking" - which I expect everyone's vote in the next little bit on my behalf! - that marked their 2nd Anniversary and I 're-tweeted it' ... how cool is that? Very I'd say!!

From my favourite drink .. to my favourite food: The Keg

Yes, you read right The Keg. I love steak - heck I LOVE food period, but give me a good steak, nice wine and goat cheese - and I will do pretty much anything you want me to (but that's a different post on a different blog!, not really...) but when you have a life-threatening food allergy eating out is really difficult - and depressing... I'm allergic to shellfish - sad, but true..and it really I have to be very careful and conscious of where I eat because unfortunately, not all restaurants care that I could die if they don't adhere to the health and safety guidelines they are suppose to. Brent and I went out for dinner Saturday night - yes, we had a 'kid-free' night! - and The Keg was the restaurant of choice. Anywhere we go, we always tell the server of my allergy, and sometimes they acknowledge it .. but Saturday night the Chef came out to my table...and the Manager (who brought out his ingredient binder just to be sure as they've added a few new items to their menu) ..and the Kitchen Manager...perhaps they even sent the dishwasher over too, but by this point I was enjoying another glass of Pino Grigo to catch his title - and well, this was great! I really do love the Keg (steak, wine, cheese....) and we always have great service there - but Saturday night was fantastic.

And back to business: Mabels Labels. If you haven't checked out their website, you need to .. if you have kids or clothes or bags or (you get my point..) - you need to. These are Yes, I said that with my best 'like ya' accent. I had some cards printed through them - 'mama cards' they call them .. only I really liked their design so I had my business information printed on it, and have given them all away - only to remember I have an event on Thursday - and I need business cards... So I sent an SOS out to Julie Cole, co-founder and fellow mama-of-many (ok, she has 3 more then I do .. so I'd say she is REALLY busy compared to me!) but, also someone that I admire and have started to talk more to (thanks twitter!) she responded within a 1/2 hour with the awesome news that Martha on her team was waiting for my call to help me out..... And she did - my business cards will be ready tomorrow - and they are 'on the house' ... yes - no charge to me... WOW .. now that is Great Customer Service. Have a look at their website - and place an order; you will NOT be disappointed. Oh yeah, did I mention that they have been named finalists for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards: - THAT is what Great Customer Service will get you!

While I am sure I could, no doubt, fill pages and pages detailing all the rotten Customer Service out there - I wanted to point all of you in the direction of some really great businesses that offer exceptional service - and I hope you too take the time to acknowledge people that deserve to be.


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  1. By continuing to spread the word on the great customer service, you're sure to be rewarded. Keep spreading the kind words...all too often we are inundated with negative comments. A little good can go a long way.