Friday, October 9, 2009

What are you Thankful for?

Turkey weekend is here! Are you thankful for that?! An extra day off work, a full belly, time with family and good friends? Yes, that is certainly something(s) to be thankful for....

I've been feeling under the weather this week...'under the weather' .. nice way of saying 'downright miserable' really... so I am thankful that my Mom asked to host our family Thanksgiving Dinner this year; even though at first I wasn't impressed - you know, because I really do love cleaning, prepping and cooking for apx 35 people (I really do!!) but Brent is heading out of town for work next week..ALL her having dinner was a way to help me out - and now because I am sick, I am especially thankful...

I spent last weekend with some of really great friends; women who I know that if I needed them I could pick up the phone and say '' - and they would... Just like the "SOS" I sent out yesterday for some homemade Chicken Noodle sooth my soul, make my miserable cold go away-Soup, Dan answered that call - now THAT is a friend. Just knowing that - makes my heart swell - friends ... really, truly, amazing Friends ... yes, I am thankful.

I look at my beautiful children and I am so thankful they are happy, healthy and {{good}} .. well when they aren't busy 'building their character' that is! .. and know that things could certainly be a whole lot different...

...An extra day off work...A full belly....time with family and good friends.... 3 things that might seem insignificant, but looking at the big picture these 3 things are the most important... I am thankful for the extra time I can spend with Brent and to be able to work from home and enjoy my beautiful family.... to put on a dinner for 35 people and to have them to share it with...and to have amazing, true friends that I know would do anything should I ask....

I could write a list as long as my block for all the things that I am thankful for - can you?

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. I'm glad the chicken soup answered the SOS. Enjoy the weekend with the family. Ours will be quiet, with some reflection I'm sure.

    And yes, there is lots that I am certainly thankful for! Keep up the great writing, and thank you for sharing.