Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhogs, Tigers and LOVE? OH MY!

Happy February! (yes already...time IS going by fast...) and you know what that means right? GROUNDHOG day!! why am I so happy about this you ask? Well for one, it's a day that everyone can celebrate along with me - you know, where each day is the same?! ... get it?! ha..okay dokay..I guess it does lose some of it's meaning when I have to say 'get it?' .... but regardless, I'm hoping we see the critter - or do I not want to see him?! - all I know is that I DO want Spring!

Maybe the Tiger will chase him out (or keep him from coming out?!) and bring in Spring? February 14th, 2010 marks the start of the Chinese New Year - and it's the year of the Tiger: perfect timing for people born under this sign - for the tiger is a sign of courage, and people with this sign are said to have a lively temperament, are outgoing, truthful and affectionate...they rarely hide their feelings! Great for someone who loves Valentines Day......

I don't know if I was born in a year of the Tiger - I'd like to think I fit that criteria, good or bad, but do I love Valentines Day? no, not really..... well not the part that says we need to spend too much money on flowers, chocolates and anything else you'd like to get for me dear husband (Starbucks gift card)...but I do love the part about it that lets me make heart shaped cookies and cute little treats for Abby's JK class - something we can do together - and use up all my pink card stock!

The timing also allows me to make a Feast for two, at home! So if you're like me and really not that fond of waiting in super long lineups for an over-priced dinner you were rushed through, then I encourage you to create a romantic dinner - that will let you keep your Starbucks budget too!!

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